I have always considered my knowledge of science to be good, I wasn’t too bad at chemistry, although I always prefered physics. I always thought the periodic table was fixed, but no I am wrong, they add chemicals all the time. I am sure you have heard of platiunum and nickel, but did you know that they added another element in that family, darmstadium. It sounds like a chemical at a german railway station. Could they not come up with a better name? why not donutanium?

What are you doing?

Harry was wondering what Teresa was doing in the garden. Apparently she was taking photos of things she was going to list on ebay, as long as its not bears I don’t mind. Posted by Hello

Is that our pizza?

I like peace and quiet when I am trying to sleep, so when I get woken up by pizza delivery boys on scooters it is really annoying, especially if the pizza delivery boy isn’t delivering to our home. Today I didn’t mind that I was woken up by the pizza delivery boy because when he hit a speed bump, the box on the back of his bike gave up, flew through the air and smashed on the ground making a really loud noise. We instantly pulled up the blind and had a look outside. We were about to call out, ‘We’ll take those pizzas’ when he rolled his scooter with the smashed box back down the hill towards the pizza place. I don’t suppose he’ll ever speed over the bumps again. 😉 Posted by Hello

Surfing the net

I have been teaching my brother fuzzy how to use the computer, it can be difficult for us bears to type on a keyboard, but I taught him to use the character map so he just needs to move the pointer to the letter and click. He has his own email and has already been surfing the web. I am just waiting until he is ready to play quake against me. 🙂 Posted by Hello