Loserville at the Garrick Theatre

Daniel Buckley (Marvin), Richard Lowe (Lucas), Lil’ Chris (Francis) and Aaron Sidwell (Michael) Credit: Tristan Kenton

I haven’t been able to blog for a while, but finally I got out of the house and was taken to see Loserville at the Garrick Theatre in London. I had experienced a few musicals before, Wicked, Flashdance and Guys and Dolls, but nothing ever jumped out at me. Loserville changed my opinion of musicals; firstly Loserville has a rock band, not an orchestra, so everything is more pop rock and you feel like the band are part of the show. Secondly, the cast are so vibrant and exciting on stage that at times you don’t where to look just in case you miss something happening.

The cast are young, vibrant and full of energy, something other musicals are lacking. Aaron Sidwell is great as the geek Michael Dork who is tormented by the jock Eddie played by Stewart Clarke. Stewart is a rising star of the future and looks like he wouldn’t be out of place playing Gaston in Beauty in the Beast. Eliza Hope Bennett is wonderful as the aspiring astronaut Holly, who bucks the trend and dresses down to become a nerd in an attempt to excel in her career. The other geeks played by Daniel Buckley, Richard Lowe and Lil’ Chris are awesome which was reflected in the cheers they got at the end. Lil’ Chris as Francis stood out to me for delivering his cheesy pick up lines.

The props and set design are taken to another level by¬†Francis O’Connor. The walls reminded me of Tron. The choreography by Nick Winston with cards provide for quick scene changes and keep the pace going throughout.

As you can tell, I really enjoyed the show and intend to go and see Loserville the Musical again very soon.